Report: Moderation & Self-Determination in Online Communities

Link to my final report that I completed during my final semester at university. I greatly enjoyed delving into the history of online communities, from the first electronic mail and messaging lists, to the now en vogue stylings of early bulletin board systems which are emblematic of the yearning for simpler, purer times with the vaporwave phenomenon.

The second half of the report details both the visions of the future of online communities by renowned media observers, and their speculation on the ideal ‘structure’ of these communities. I see this as the groundwork for a more granular investigation that I can’t wait to undertake in the near future!


Interview with Jackson Tidswell

In my role as Marketing Coordinator at Bailey Roberts Group, a Wollongong financial services company, I recently had the absolute pleasure to interview a colleague and draw out his story. I tried my hand at a more storied approach with some admittedly flowery language that I did my best to whittle away at — like a majestic wooden wind instrument. Still, I’ll admit it has splinters.

See below.

“Jackson of All Trades?”

Jackson apologises for the crash-course in investment concepts, parlance and key figures that he’s just fast-balled me. With brow furrowed in thought, he summarises. “Buffet. Klarman. Munger. Graham. The four, all-time greats.” I scramble to record the names.

The onslaught isn’t over — “I want you to summarise this in three words for me,” the interviewee requests playfully.

“That’s not possible.”

“Good one,” Jackson says with his trademark grin.

The peppy investment analyst sits across from me as we converse about his journey to BRG. The first bombshell comes with the disclosure of his age – 25-year-old. “People Read More

UOW Makerspace | 360° Introductory Videos


Upon volunteering with the UOW Makerspace team at the start of the session, a few things quickly became apparent.

  1. The Makerspace is very popular among STEM students.
  2. The Makerspace is not very popular outside STEM students.
  3. Many people entering the Makerspace have no idea how to use the tech.

As such, I initially conceptualised filming half a dozen videos that would hypothetically replace a large part of the inductions that students are currently required to undertake for many of the tools inside the facility. Read More

‘Don’t Fall for The Paywall’ Social Media Campaign (Planned)

A mock-up campaign designed by Xara Alice and I to encourage consumers to look out for exploitative game-design practices, particularly in the mobile gaming sphere, which preys on unwitting audiences such as children. We created a distributable flowchart image (Don’t Fall for The Paywall) that would allow someone to easily identify whether a game they’re playing might have the potential to exploit younger audiences.

Jim Styer, president of Common Sense Media stated of ‘Smurf Village’ that it and similar games are ‘deceptively cheap’ and called for parents to become aware of the ‘promotion of games and their delivery mechanism’ to avoid their kids racking up thousands in bills. This was the impetus for our campaign which we decided not to pursue.


Created by Clancy Carr & Xara Alice