Legal Shades of Grey: Cases of Remix Culture Copyright Claims

With this quick Prezi presentation, I wanted to further explore the week’s topic of ‘remix culture’ by exploring a few cases that represent different outcomes of the complicated legal minefield of claiming copyright. In it I present a case which never saw any returns for the original creator, a case which successfully saw the creator receive recognition and recompense for its illegal use in profitable projects, and an ongoing case of an actor suing for his likeness decades after it was remixed and re-purposed by a famous show. Clearly, the remix culture’s repercussions on its founding contributors are varied and difficult to ascertain why exactly some are viable claims of infringement or not. Nevertheless, as Axel Bruns says in his study ‘Distributed Creativity: Filesharing and Produsage’, technological advances mean these remixes ‘need no longer take place in isolation’ and the internet particularly highlights the legal dubiousness of these remixing practices.

Click on this link to jump to the Prezi:


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