Craft and Digital Making: Sound Design

Struggling with the Oculus Rift DK2 dev kit and technology in general presents to me an interesting perspective on Week 9’s source material and purpose, illustrating how the transformation of a message through mediums profoundly effects the message itself. This made me consider the difference, if minor, in messages I’ve already perceived once I’ve interpreted them from a different perspective. Having played The Last of Us on tinny, poor quality TV speakers, the game could be breezed through without discovering the nuance that scores of people who specifically were employed to convey a message through the medium of audio strived to impart. Having recently picked the controller back up and having donned a pair of embarrassingly expensive headphones, the message once perceived by myself through these puny speakers was suddenly given depth, character, meaning; emotion.

Slight quivers in exclamations betrayed a person’s cool demeanor, crickets among overgrown grass suggested life in areas, and echoes in hallways suggest rough size and length. A whole new world opened around me, as it did in other games, movies, and music. An unconventional, or perhaps too obvious an application of the phrase ‘the medium is the the messsage’; but the technical expertise and inevitable hundreds of hours spent by artists perfecting sound design to reveal worlds unseen by any other means other than intimate and conscience engagement with the material via sufficient listening technology, is a marvel.


One comment

  1. harrybrandonuow · May 21, 2015

    Interesting approach to the topic.
    Having experienced something similar, playing the original Dead Space without headphones and then replaying it, I found myself emptying my bowels even more than before. The sound technology is amazing and the quaility at which you experience it can have a dramatic effect on your experience.

    I 100% agree with your sentiment. It is a marvel.
    Awesome post!

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