Injustice: A Ciné-Roman Project


Project Statement:

Trawling Gibson’s feed early on, I noticed that there were some humanitarian articles he shared, but most content was comparatively unimportant and disposable pop-culture. This in mind, I imagined a scenario wherein someone would login to a social network and instead be bombarded with real but depressing news, and how that’d affect them. With an edited crescendo during at last picture, I tried to emulate the overwhelming amount of attention celebrities receive on social media while dire, real world problems and events that desperately need the world’s attention fall by the wayside. I manipulated the element of time to speed up the transitions as the end drew near, indicating the persona’s distress at all this eye-opening news. Being that the ciné-roman format is experimental by nature, I wanted to see how a focus on capturing the digital realm more so than the tangible ‘real’ world would turn out using a format historically entrenched in reality and humanity, and my fast-paced project tries to inject that human connection by showing the digital world not obsessed with celebrities but waking users up to real problems. That said, I didn’t want to simply screenshot the aptly named GreatDismal’s latest Tweets; I used a program to find keywords from his past posts and tried to frame the shots to emphasize their messages. Unfortunately, flickering was a problem I ran into; and I couldn’t get the shutter speed of the camera and my screen’s refresh rate to synch to avoid this and I employed some digital techniques to alleviate this as best as possible.

Thanks to Anh Thuy Nguyen for the audio, it was great to work with and you possess really good audio editing skills! At the time of writing,  Vimeo still hasn’t sent me a confirmation email so YouTube will have to do for now!

EDIT: Vimeo finally decided to allow me to upload! Link here.


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