‘To The Top’ – My MEDA102 Iteration/Variation/Repetition Assignment

My initial concept for this project I had thought of pretty early on in the session. It was to create a program that would functionally reinvent the gameplay pioneered in the classic video game ‘Tetris’, coupled with some functions of the more contemporary BIT.TRIP VOID.

BIT TRIP VOID by Choice Provisions

BIT.TRIP VOID by Choice Provisions

Tetris by Vladimir Pokhilko and Alexey Pajitnov

Tetris by Vladimir Pokhilko and Alexey Pajitnov

It would have the blocks spawning randomly on the four sides of the screen and converging in the center to form a roughly circular object (had you not touched the controls) and it would be a product of your input and unique to you, based on your decisions. No other object would ever be the same. This would be yours and yours alone, a unique product of your brain. I’d wanted a print function that could physically print the shape after each ‘game’, so to speak, that would bring your digital construction to the real world and you would leave with something inherently you that you hadn’t come in with. Discussing this concept with my tutor Mat, we whittled it down to the core idea of a process that, while repetitive, also varied entirely based on the presence and input of an operator. Below is my artist’s statement with hyperlink to the completed work.

To The Top‘ is an interactive project inspired by Alexey Pajitnov and Vladimir Pokhilko’s ‘Tetris’ (1984), and Choice Provision’s ‘BIT.TRIP VOID’ (2009) designed to exhibit the thought process behind a ‘player’ when given a set of blocks and a vague instruction: ‘To The Top’. Whether they proceed by forming a disfigured mountain or a surgically concise obelisk, it’s nevertheless an expression of the self at play and what minute, individually inconsequential choices you make every second that define you. Incorporating elements of games I grew up loving, with Processing I was able to turn my initial bloated, complex idea into an easily accessible and ultimately more meaningful piece.’


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