A Criminal Casting Call: Camera-less Film

After an exhilarating and refreshing holiday break, I’m right back into Uni and tasked with a suspiciously familiar MEDA project: Create a 60-second media object.

Evidently, we’ve come full circle.

Armed with a short strip of film and a bare-bones knowledge of the techniques involved in creating camera-less film, I’ve established an early vision for my piece. Ideally, I’d like to find, or myself film, the classic hand-outside-of-car window-riding-airflow film cliché , and edit that satisfying rising and falling pattern into an intuitive expression of rhythm and movement with accompanying physical alterations of the celluloid at the apex and bottom of the pattern to emphasize the rhythm.

So, I think a casting call is in order!

Are there any aspiring young actors looking for a starring role in roughly 5 seconds of film for a uni project who are also willing to be documented breaking state law by sticking your limb out of a moving vehicle?

Call me.


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