Don’t let the memex be a dreamex

While watching the DIGC202 lecture, I came across the word’memex’ much to my delight. Being an technologically savvy millennial, this term was music to me ears and I felt compelled to research why such a device, regardless of its actual purpose, is not something I’m already intimately familiar with. What I found was this odd contraption:


What I appropriated it to in my mind was basically this:


But in fact, this workstation proposed by  Vannevar Bush in 1945 is a precursor to the functionality that a modern personal computer performs. He stated that the hypothetical machine could store files as well as make copies. Supposedly, these could be reproduced on a screen and mulled over there. When I think about it, this actually could very well be a lean, mean, meme-producing machine. The desk I’m wiring at now features much that Bush envisioned; a screen, the ability to store, create and reflected on data. I think I’ll start calling my workstation a memex, as it’s functionally indistinguishable from that pipe-dream. Interestingly, DARPA is keen to continue the memex legacy themselves, calling their data-searching algorithm by the same name so perhaps I’ll leave them to the meme creating.



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