No (Individual) Man’s System



The advent of instantaneous communication, both telephonic and across the internet, brought comparisons to the network of a nervous system. Having deeply immersed myself in No Man’s Sky, that metaphor is conveniently realized by the in-game race known as the ‘Korvax’. They are an alien species that was once completely organic, but are now genetically fused with data and their information networks. Their society seems to functional in a method similar to their distributed network; seemingly exploring the galaxy on their lonesome yet constantly, unavoidably connected because they all function as nodes in a network. One of their cultural tropes of their technologically distributed society is their highly intellect and pity for lesser lifeforms. I think there’s evidence to believe that, with our rise of distributed networking, we could become similarly unpleasant.

That said, if it means can go on a cool galactic adventure it’s a price I’ll happily pay!


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