The ‘Long Tail’ Effect That Retailers Don’t Want You To Know is, functionally, a platform that deals in both niche markets and sheer abundance of products. This all encompassing marketability is made painlessly accessibility, be it via phone or PC. This accessibility is a necessity when selling products online as part of any business, and is one of internet shopping’s biggest draws. Amazon in particular, however, represents a paradigm shift in the model of buying and selling, as I’m sure this book on Amazon’s Long Tail effect would elaborate on. Amazon’s virtual shelf-space dwarfs that of any traditional brick and mortar store’s inventory. This allows the cumulative ‘non-hit’ sales to slowly over take that of more popular items.

This realization can be attributed to digital store-fronts as well. PC gaming in particular, has surpassed 90% digital vs. 10% software sales, with Steam able to sell games from decades ago which stores like EB Games simply cannot afford to do.



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  1. sanjihan · October 20, 2016

    It really is interesting how the market has changed over the years. Originally I used to be all for physical copies of video games up until year ago. For consoles I used to physical copies of games religiously, even if it was much easier to just buy the digital version. Great job mentioning the Digital VS Software sales article.


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