Modern, Enjoyable, Feudalism

No longer considered ‘the internet’, feudalistic systems have dominated our digital lifestyle for some time. These new ecosystems present an environment which, as alluded to by Ted’s lecture, are reminiscent of the feudalism model of land ownership. Our tenancy is punctuated by the generation of content, the main commodity of the information economy.

This webpage outlines roughly just how much our data is worth to companies in various industry sectors, and what specific types of data are most valuable to then. Accordingly, we can see that the retail and insurance sectors in particular are most willing, and likely, to pay top dollar for the browsing habits, your health status, and your marital situation. This information is, of course, gradually accumulated by platforms such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Apple and sold to third parties to more accurately target individuals with advertising.

Do you feel this is negated by the likes of Adblockers?



  1. Hayden Carlton · October 19, 2016

    Great background to feudalism right off the bat. The webpage you linked to is really interesting, and slightly concerning. As to the use of adblockers, I

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    • Hayden Carlton · October 19, 2016

      whoops! anyway… I use adblocker pro and that doesn’t remove the ads off my social media sights like Facebook and Twitter so I cant say it really negates it completely.


      • Clancy Carr · October 19, 2016

        Yeah, but those ads are directly applied through a seamless node thats hardwired into the UI, the same as any other type of content, so I don’t think it can just be blocked conventionally. That said, you’re right, adblockers don’t work perfectly all the time, but at least Facebook ads are unobtrusive!


  2. Jess · October 19, 2016

    I think in some cases, it’s actually good that the advertisements are tailored towards my personal interests! I would rather see an ad I’m interested in, than something I don’t care about at all.

    Adblockers don’t really work too well, so I don’t think this negates what’s going on! Rather just minimises the annoyance when trying to torrent or watch something online.

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    • Clancy Carr · October 19, 2016

      Adblockers work flawlessly on PC I find (save for on social media), and that’s still where I do most of my browsing. Mobile is a bit of a different story though!

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  3. sanjihan · October 20, 2016

    I do feel that all the gathering that companies are doing is negated by adblocker. Though I also do feel they could gain from looking into just how much of their target audience uses adblock. This is just my assumption but they could follow suite in how Facebook does their ads, hardwired into the UI itself. I just pray a whole bunch of companies don’t start doing it.


  4. briana · October 21, 2016

    Great image to summarise the feudalistic systems of Facebook. In terms of ad blocker even though it works for most sites it doesn’t work for social media, who gather the most information about us. Like you said they sell this information to third parties so it doesn’t quite stop the data gathering, as sites like Facebook look at what we have searched and show the ads on their own platforms.


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