‘Apple’? ‘Google’? Never Heard Of Them


I know I’m scraping the bottom of the meme barrel a bit but this was the first thing I saw the week’s topic!

As a weathered BCM student, I’m well aware of the ‘iOS vs. Android discussion’ pitfall and so will cheekily make comparisons to a different front of the battle; that of PC gaming. The online store ‘Good Old Games’ (or GOG), launched a service called GOG Galaxy to challenge Steam’s nigh unchallenged reign. Galaxy operates as part of the ‘open’ philosophy; that a users platform should allow them a larger degree of control. GOG, for example, has a refund policy stretching ‘thirty days after purchase, no matter how long you’ve played it’ as long as it’s technically broken. Steam? 2 hours playtime. GOG Galaxy’s games have no DRM. Steam’s do, albeit usually unobtrusive. Fundamentally, the two services can be compared loosely the the aforementioned debate. The battle rages on!


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  1. sanjihan · October 20, 2016

    Good on you for NOT shoving Apple and Samsung into this topic! You gave it a really nice spin which makes it refreshing to read (I should take my own advice…) Anyway, despite how GOG seems to be the one that handles it’s refund policy well, I rarely see anyone talk about it or use it. Heck, I didn’t even know that about the “playtime doesn’t matter” part. That sounds pretty nice actually… Much better than Steam.

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