The Journalistic Transformation


With the value of information increasing as more sources corroborate it and verify it, the internet as an infrastructure and platform is uniquely positioned to challenge traditional media channels for dominance. This ‘news-as-process’ paradigm shift allows information to evolve and spread with previously unheard of vigor. Another way to think of this, as Ted so eloquently put it, is journalism as a ‘bridge of pebbles’. Individually, they’re worthless, but aggregated the snippets of information build a narrative much quicker than traditional media could hope.

The ‘gatewatcher’ is a construct used to picture the approval process for user-driven news. These gatewatchers are normal users, mostly, who constructively sort information and add it to the pile. Sure, there are administrators but they mostly weed out blatantly undesirable content. NeoGAF, for example, has admins that for all intents keep the peace and make sure discussion is respectful. A ‘gatekeeper’ has higher standards and is selective, then publishes that information.


One comment

  1. sanjihan · October 20, 2016

    The meme you used definitely got a good chuckle out of me. Blog post has good insight into the topic as well. NeoGAF admins keeping the peace just reminds me of all the banning they do on there. Oh boy.


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