‘Internet of Things’


Before you ask, no, couldn’t find an appropriate facial expression from Ted to wiggle into this masterpiece.

‘IoT’ is predicted to encompass 6.4 billion devices by the end of 2016, and so there is a need for ‘investment in…bandwidth to cope with the information’ that each of these devices trades with. Maybe there’s not quite a necessity for such fervor as ‘The Internet of Things: it’s arrived and it’s eyeing your job‘ but it does pose the question: is Australia’s infrastructure up to the challenge?

The Australian‘s article on the topic suggests that while ‘Singapore, Barcelona and London’ are successfully ensuring they’re ready for the future of the internet, petty political squabbles and hindrances from both major parties have resulted in a lackluster NBN scheme. I guess only time, and the speed of NBN roll-out, will tell how able we will be to embrace the current ‘internet of things’ evolution. Personally, from my experience, my NBN connection is crippled most of the evening and the advertised speeds are rarely approached due to congestion, so the more people being connected isn’t going to be a boon for us existing NBN customers.



  1. Hayden Carlton · October 19, 2016

    I know it’s going to be a good post if I’m already laughing from the first line. I had know idea IoT had already reached those kind of numbers, although it seems obvious now that I actually think about it. Really interesting take on this topic looking at it we will be able to cope with our pitiful internet here in Australia, and I think it is genuinely a question we need to ask. Great post!

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    • Clancy Carr · October 19, 2016

      Haha thanks, its actually been stuff that I’ve been thinking about for a while so was good to put it down on a blog post.


  2. t · October 20, 2016

    Those numbers are huge! I had no idea that those were the kinds of numbers they were estimating wow. I don’t know how those countries can say they’re successfully ensuring they’re ready for the future of the internet, can anyone really do that? I agree with you about the NBN, its quite poor at the moment (my household actually reverted back from it), but I’m sure they’ll be able to make it flow smoother as time moves on which will be better for everyone in the long term. Great post!

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    • Clancy Carr · October 20, 2016

      I’d like to believe it’ll get smoother, I really would! But papa Turnbull loves his copper.

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  3. sanjihan · October 20, 2016

    The links you put into the blog post gave really good insight into the topic. I’m really surprised with the estimated IoT numbers as well, that’s insane. Originally when I heard of NBN I thought it was going to be Google Fiber for Australia. HA HA! How I was wrong. At this rate, it’ll be faster to move to another country and settle there than wait for Australia to get decent internet speeds.

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    • Clancy Carr · October 21, 2016

      Yep, worse than a lot of countries typically referred to as third-world. The phrase ‘first world world problems’ is apt.


  4. henrylongc · November 21, 2016

    Thanks for introducing what’s IoT and NBN to me!


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